the #weetimars xmas event

Moin all,

Dis will not be a classical long blogpawst, but the #weeti council (me;) )

agreed on an xmas event and I want to write down some notes:

The event date is the 18th December 2016 , time ( will add exact timetable and timezone info, see pic)


If you need/want an #astrocats (doggie, bunny .. etc version available too) suit for the event, pls contact Roxy.

Everypawdy is invited (as long as you behave well and do not get too drunken 😉 ), we asked Stevie to do the police officer job, so even him won´t be completely useless.

Basil, Tiger and SantasCat(special guest) will be your hosts (main organisers, we have a lot of helpers, can’t mention them all).


Cinni, Zackcat and me will be your DJs and play some music.


We have a great bartender team, ask them for food, noms and (important) drinks and cocktails (will add pic and names later).

Transport facilities will be announced soon.

I do not know, what “the crazy #weeti art department” (Diego, Bobsy, Chalky, Aunt Scully are doing, let them surprise us)

this post is “work in progress”, so we may edit it later.

Yours Hugi



Easter Stevie #weeti Fun

We had some Stevie #weeti fun for Easter 2015.

The #easterpawrade arranged by @santascat was a time for pals to get together dressed up and to hunt the dragons.


The #weeti’s saved Stevie from the Dragon too! (with help from Decoy and Ken – MOL)

Here’s some of our outfits and the pics with Stevie.

hugo chinese Diggy Chinese


Bob chinese Basil chinese

Stevie Running!

stevierunning hugo and plane

Hugo and #Weeti’s to the rescue!

Weetis protect Stevie Weevie

Second #Weetitravels – To the Harbour at Rio De Janeiro

#5 Welcome to Rio Angels #1 Stevies Weeti Tours

The second #weeti trip took place on the 13th March and we issued over 100 passports! Lots of pals joined in and enjoyed fun and facts!

##2Take a seat on the plane weetis#3 Weeti flight team#4 Weeti Girls

#Weeti @Tigernostripes and his Mum are from Brazil and gave us some wonderful background history and information.

We arrived at the hotel and spent some time chilling out #Weeti style:

#11 weeti stevie massage#10 Weeti Jacquizzi #8 Moets weeti luggage

#Weeti girls sipped cocktails whilst #weeti boys put on a show.

#12 Weeti Caipirinha and fried yucca #13 Weeti fred & ginger - flying down to rio #14 weeti tap dancers

We took the Pao de Acucar to the top of the mountain and all looked in Awe at the view.

#15 weeti taking a trip to Pão de Acucar #16 Weeti all Aboard Cable car_edited-1 #18 Weeti inside cable car view #19 Weeti view Pao de acucar - view to harbor ans Chirst redeemer

The we met a MONKEY!!!!! He’s a #weeti!

#20 Weetis meet monkey

Then we chilled out on the beach and did water sports!

Stevie joined us for some parts of the trip as well and showed off on his body board.

#23 Basil Swim Suits #24 Weeti Henry & Dora paddle-boards #25 Weeti Purrbot & Mouse paddle-boards #26 Weeti stevie paddles

And finally, we watched the sunset and Stevie & Meanie shared a Milkshake (although now she has a budding love with Thor, she’s much too nice for Weevie!)

#28 Weeti sunset #29 weeti share milkshake

Finally we all said Dreamies or BUTTER and took this snap.


The next trip will be on 24th of April at 3pm UK

To The Great Barrier Reef!

Get your snorkles ready #Weeti’s

weetitravels poster3

Love Mr Fluff, AKA Basil x


First #weetitravels – Northern Lights

The first trip of the #weetigang was on the 6th February 2016. Over 70 #weetigang members requested passports to come along on the trip.

Here are some example passports:

Otto Ollie Mo Kolohe and angels Henry Aunty N passport 2 Rawr passport_edited-1AllOurCats1 Tiger and Arnie

We travelled to view the Northern Lights by first a cruise ship and then by 4×4.

On the cruise we had music, swimming, dancing and food. Plenty of wholesome #weeti fun!

#3 #weeti tours  #4 #weeti tour guides

#6 #T&A Service #8 #weeti Dance floor #9 #weeti pool

The captain of the ship cuddled Stevie tight. Tiger and Arnie helped all pals to find their way around the ship. Hugo brought his Piggy’s with him. We had a fabulous dinner and had fun catching up with #weeti pals!

#5 #SEC and Captain

#10 #weeti dining room

#11 #weeti deckatnight


#12 #weeti Titanic Bas and Moet

Moet & I even got romantic & did our Titanic pose!

We built a snow cat while looking at the lights and played in the snow. We learnt some facts about the lights but no one can remember them now, as we had so much #weeti fun!

#13 #weeti jump on tours

#14 #weeti snowcat shack



The next trip will be to see the Habour in Rio De Janerio, Brazil on the 13th March at 3pm UK (10am EST).

weetitravels poster2

See you there for more #weetitravels

Love Basil x

(Addition from Hugi: I did a storify and tried to catch some of the #weetitravels #weetigang trip  , if you want to see some more pictures, hugs from Hugi)



#weetitravel – Natural Wonders

basil weeti

Calling all #weeti members!

Fancy a magical, exciting, wonderful sweetie #weeti trip to visit the Natural Wonders of the World?

Join me, Basil, and all your favourite pals and visit a new wonder every few weeks.

We will start first by visiting the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

Adventure starts, 6th February 2016.

You will need a passport! Our fellow Weeti’s Tiger & Arnie are in charge of the formalities of making sure you can all travel, so have a chat with them and get your passport!

Tiger and Arnie




How to become a #weetigang member?

Da members of the twitter #Weetiegang are asked very often .. so i decided to create a short instruction manual. Here are da (public *1) Rulez of da #Weetigang:

you should (must;) (!)  follow

Bobsyking @lazlovely

Diggy Diggz Diego @BarbaraBpiwetz

our little cutie Weevil @Stevieevilcat

our Stevie Weevil
our Stevie Weevil

from DIS ! Don´t let him fool you, inside he is a cute sweet Weetie!

( here is the Wiki post about plausible cutieness deniability  for Stevie)

Then you ask Aunty Scully  @scullynoreen to create a weetie picture for you in her secret laboratory. You should tweet Aunty a a nice portrait pic of you, so she can create your weetie pic 4 u! There a a lot more #weeties you can and should follow, too mention to mention them all in dis blogpost .. here are some, who are members for a long time ( 1000 excuses, if you are not mentioned ..):

MightyMoThor, Batman, Sophie, CookieFatCat, Donny , Linda/Chow and Pookie  .. ( don´t worry we will have a weetie gallery ..). I also created a weetie twitter member list with some members, will need to add more.

weeti X-Mas 2015 by Diego
weeti X-Mas 2015 by Diego

yours (the real) Evil Hugi

PS: (public *1) *secret*

PPS: since this is da first blogpost here, we may have to play around with design and colors.